Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slicing Fruits & Veggies Super-Thin

I absolutely love my Mandoline Slicer.  I use it any time I need to slice my fruits and/or veggies super-thin.  It comes in especially handy when making oven-baked fruit or veggie chips.  If you buy a mandoline, I highly suggest you get one with a "hand saver."  A hand saver is that little contraption that holds your fruit and protects your fingers from the sharp blades.  Always move slowly and carefully when using your mandoline, even if you are experienced.  It only takes one second for an accident to happen.

For those who are afraid of mandoline slicers (I was for many, many years), I suggest getting a Salad Shooter.  It requires an additional step because you will have to slice the fruits and veggies in order to get them to fit into the salad shooter tube.  The beauty of the salad shooter is that the blades should get nowhere near your fingers.  I recommend the salad shooter by Presto because it has 2 slice settings: thick and thin.  The thin setting is the thinnest I've seen on a salad shooter and comparable to the thin mandoline's slices.


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