Egg Fast Planner & Tracker

I recently saw an Egg Fast Tracker App for Android devices.  I downloaded it and decided that even though the app was nice, I wanted a way to track other things and a way to write out my meal plan.  That's why I created this little printable Egg Fast Planner & Tracker.  Please feel free to use this for your personal Egg Fast planning and tracking!

To get the printable PDF, click HERE.

How It Works:
1.  Plan out all your meals and snacks for each day of the Egg Fast and write them down.
2.  Keep track of how many egg whites, yolks, and fats you eat daily.  These daily totals should all be the same.  For example, if you eat 2 egg whites, you must also eat 2 yolks and 2 tablespoons worth of fat.  Fats can be oils, butter, mayonnaise, bacon drippings.  You must eat 6 or more (6+) eggs/fat daily.
3.  You are allowed 1 ounce of cheese per egg eaten, but you will notice that my chart says 6 or less (6-).  This is because I do not recommend more than 6 ounces of cheese if you can help it.  Cheese can "block you up" causing you to stall out if you're not careful.
4.  Track your 8 daily glasses of water by checking a box each time you drink 8 ounces.
5.  Track your daily recommended supplements (Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin C) by checking the respective boxes.

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