Thursday, February 18, 2016

LCHF Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I love comfort food.  Who doesn't?  That's why it has the name comfort food.  Well, grilled cheese is a major comfort to me, as it reminds me of childhood.  Yesterday I posted the Minute Bread recipe, and today I'm going to show you one of my favorite things to do with it!  I know many people will question why I used cheddar cheese in lieu of American here.  The answer is simple, really.  American cheese generally has more carbs per serving.  But if you just can't live without your American cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich, then do what you gotta do!  ;)


  1. Spray a microwaveable container or ramekin with nonstick spray (I used these square containers).
  2. In a small microwaveable bowl, heat 1 tablespoon of the butter in microwave until melted.
  3. To melted butter, add egg, coconut flour, and baking powder; whisk together.
  4. Spread your batter evenly into your sprayed container or ramekin.
  5. Microwave for about 90 seconds, or until done (will no longer be soft in center).
  6. Flip onto a paper towel to cool.
  7. Carefully slice in half horizontally, making 2 thin slices of "bread."
  8. Cut the 3 slices of cheese to fit the bread.  (I like to use my excess cheese to make small cheese crackers.)
  9.  Assemble your sandwich and fry in a nonstick skillet in remaining 1 tablespoon of butter.

Yields: 1 serving

*Nutritional Information:

*Nutritional information has been calculated using the MyFitnessPal app.  Sugar alcohols not calculated.

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