Thursday, May 28, 2015

Egg Fast Recipe - Bulletproof Cider

I love apple cider.  So very much!  But let's face it, apple cider usually has a TON of brown sugar in it and is completely loaded with carbs!  A while back, I found this totally awesome sugar-free apple cider drink mix.  I actually purchased it so I could make low-carb apple-based alcoholic beverages (which it worked very well for, btw).  It's not carb-free, but it is very low-carb (4g per serving).  For an apple cider, that's pretty darn good!  Long story short, I wanted to make another Bulletproof Beverage for the Egg Fast.  I find that the more I mix up what I eat and drink, the longer I am able to stay on an Egg Fast without going completely insane!  ;)


1.  Combine the water, dry mix, coconut oil, and cinnamon.  Blend in a "traditional" blender, with an immersion blender, or with a blender bottle until thoroughly mixed.

Yields: 1 serving

*Nutritional Information:
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